how to connect amplifier to speakers in car

If you have decided to venture into car audio system upgrading,you’re going to need to know how to install the tweeters. Tweeters are a sort of speakers designed to cover high frequencies that typical speakers can’t reach. They work in conjunction with woofers (woofers cover low-frequency sounds – bass) to deliver a well-balanced sound.

great car speakers The market for car audio electronics is awash with affordable models and many of them are relatively easy to mount yourself, although seeking a professional is generally recommended. The best speakers in the world will only be as good as the amplifier they are hooked up to.

The most common method is done by connecting the subwoofer to the SUB OUT or LFE output of a receiver/amplifier. But you might also come across a subwoofer that uses stereo RCA or speaker wire connections. If your receiver or amplifier has enough variety, you should be able to handle most any subwoofer out there.

boston acoustics 6.5 car speakers  · I am planning on getting Boston acoustics spz60 6.5" Component Car Speakers for my 2010 Subaru STI but i dunno what amplifier to get for the component speaker system.

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it really depends on you, if you like your music in your car really loud than go with an amp for your speakers but than you’ll need to upgrade your speakers if you haven’t. if you don’t really care than just hook it up straight to your deck and save money.

How to Connect a Crossover to 2 Amplifiers | Our Pastimes – You will need additional cables to connect both the right and left sides of the mixer, crossover, amplifiers and speakers. A good tip when connecting any audio components: connect outputs to inputs, to outputs and inputs, all along the audio device chain.

The standard twin-speaker car stereo system has one obvious drawback. If you mount the speakers on the rear shelf, to hear the sound clearly you often have to turn up the volume to a level that is too loud for the rear seat passengers.

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Can i connect two speakers to one channel car smp: Is it possible to connect 10 speakers to computer and have 10 channels? How do I connect a 2000 CD deck receiver/stereo to a 2.1 channel multimedia active speaker system? how to connect altec lansing fx5051 to my samsung uhd 55" smart tv to make 5.1 channels works ??

Again, just like bridging a two-channel amplifier, connect these speakers wires to the amplifier by unscrewing the screw, placing the wires in between the top and bottom portions of the terminal, and then screw the screws down tightly to secure the wires.

Connect the speaker wires to your amplifier using appropriate connectors (such as ring terminals) and to your speakers using the appropriate connectors (such as female spade terminals, see photo). Most speakers have two terminals of varying sizes.